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A   M A C C A B E E S   P H O T O   B O O K

I started shooting 35mm film in September 2012 with a borrowed point and shoot camera on tour across North America, our last one promoting Given To The Wild. On arriving home, I spent the remains of the year experimenting with a range of SLR cameras and shot a variety of subject matter, with little other designs than I was enjoying taking photos. The time frame and documenting happened to coincide with the writing of what was, unbeknownst to us at the time, to become our last album, Marks To Prove It. As the record formed slowly over the course of the next two years, I continued shooting for its duration, into the subsequent promotion of it, touring and beyond. For much of the collation of these photos, I hadn’t imagined it being a finished work of any sort. It seemed fitting though, on reflection, to use the candid photographs of this part of our lives to put some kind of collection together. It has resulted in this, ‘Marks’; a collection of my photographs of the last few years of playing and making music together as The Maccabees.

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